Monday, July 9, 2012

What's YOUR Passion???

Passion is something that has been talked about a lot lately between my circle of friends and at church. Our house is filled with 4 individuals that have some alike and some very different passions:

Eric- my husband is passionate about what God has called him to do! He is working on it and God is revealing those specific things to him and I love watching it come to fruition. I am I AWE of him and so proud of him.

Grant- my son amazes me on a daily basis! Through his struggles with Asperger Syndrome, he has blossomed into one that easily finds his passions. He has always loved music, with his favorite being the "Indiana Jones" soundtrack. Grant has recently discovered a gift in playing instruments. From playing the viola in the school orchestra, guitar lessons and piano lessons, this boy fills our home with sounds of music on a daily basis. I cannot wait to see what comes of this and how God uses him through this gift.

Isabel- DANCE! Isa has been dancing her way through the world since she was 2 years old. This past year she was invited into one of the "Company teams". What an amazing experience for her it was and she is honored to once again be part of it. Her heart is to dance, she loves it with a passion. Isabel loves BALLET the most and one day would love to be a POINTE dancer. If you see her in class though, she is not smiling (something she needs to work on). I asked her about it one day and she said, "Mom, I am thinking, this is serious for me." Ok, I get it. Once on stage, however, the smile is as big as Texas and you can see the pure joy radiating out of her. She has very specific goals on where she wants to be in a year and 10 years with her dance. I love that! So Nikki, Jenn, Angela, Bonnie, and Chad, if you are reading this, work her hard!

Me- This has been something I have struggled with lately...what's my passion? I have spent some time listening to God and discovered some things I am passionate about. MARRIAGES. I am passionate about my own marriage but also in the marriages of others. I have been so blessed to have a great marriage with Eric. Yes, we have had our share of struggles, but allowed God to be the center and always seek Him, has made us stronger as a married couple. I would like to be an instrument of the Lord to impart Godly wisdom into others marriages. I am a nerd, I own it. I love to research stuff! I am always looking things up, reading, finding out ways to be creative. I am also passionate about teaching. I love the CALLING God gave me to be a teacher! He has opened my eyes to a love for those who desperately need it and to also teach, not only in education, but in other scenarios as well.

So, that is a look into what drives the Hayes family! Our passions, likes and ministry. If you don't know what your passion is, I challenge you to seek God and pray about your passion. If you have a passion, how can you hone it to become better or apply it for the work of God? Own it. Use it.

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